Inigo Surguy 2006-04-18T12:00:00Z Inigo Surguy Vim. Yes, I really should get round to automating it. 2007-03-11T12:00:00Z Notes on the OOXML BRM

I've now written up some notes on the OOXML BRM, and what you can do about it.

2007-08-17T12:00:00Z 67 Bricks - a new consultancy

After several happy years of employment, I've now left CSW, and I've set up a small consultancy company 67 Bricks with an old friend and colleague. We are providing "Insight from Information" - and I'm looking forward to using a lot of the experience in knowledge management, the Semantic Web, XML, and team building that I've acquired over the last few years. I'm blogging our progress at the 67 Bricks blog.

2007-08-04T12:00:00Z XML Summer School

This year, I was presenting again at the XML Summer School. My talks were "Blueprint for an XML application" and "Automating the Recognition and Identification of Knowledge". As always, it was a lot of fun, and it was really enjoyable to meet or catch up with some of the greatest XML experts in the world, as well as having some great discussions with the delegates.

2007-06-02T12:00:00Z Technical review of OOXML

I'm a member of the BSI's expert group to review OOXML, and I've recently been writing code to automatically validate the XML examples in the specification.

2007-05-14T12:00:00Z Spellchecking in Scala - an object functional language for the JVM

A conversion of Peter Norvig's Python spelling corrector into Scala, a statically-typed object-functional language on the JVM.

2007-03-10T12:00:00Z Birds, kittens, and Ann Widdecombe - a presentation on SKOS

I'm giving a presentation at the Oxford SWIG (Semantic Web Interest Group) on Wednesday 14th March - the title is "Birds, Kittens and Ann Widdecombe". I'm mostly talking about SKOS, an RDF syntax for controlled vocabularies such as thesauri and taxonomies.

2007-02-15T12:00:00Z The Rights of the Writer - Michelle Reid, freelance proofreader and editor

My partner Michelle Reid has set up as a freelance proofreader and editor, after some time working directly for companies such as Oxford University Press as an editor. She's promoting her services via her blog, and her most recent post The Rights of the Writer provides a list of rights that authors have, echoing Daniel Pennacís "The Rights of the Reader".

2006-04-19T12:00:00Z Rediscovering JavaScript

I've written an article about Rediscovering JavaScript. It's aimed at developers who may know a bit about JavaScript, but haven't been keeping track of the various changes to the language and libraries that there have been over the last few years. I've been keen on developing in JavaScript for a long time, and I've been disappointed that many "serious" developers dislike it; but with the rise of Ajax this seems to be changing.

The article talks about the Prototype library, the logging library log4javascript, and walks-through the process of writing code to sort HTML tables (inspired by Stuart Langridge's sorttable) using functional programming idioms.

2006-04-18T12:00:00Z CSW Informatics
My employer CSW Informatics has launched its new website
2005-12-11T12:00:00Z FOAF

Added my FOAF profile (see the Friend of a Friend project)

2004-02-14T12:00:00Z Speeding up Log4J in JDK 1.5 by removing unused log methods from the bytecode

Speeding up Log4J in JDK 1.5 by removing unused log methods from the bytecode - a longer article explaining how the log-removal code that I posted yesterday works.

2004-02-13T12:00:00Z Speeding up Log4J

Remove all overhead from log4J calls that are not used using JDK 1.5beta's instrumentation packages. Just a zip of the code at the moment - more to follow.