Inigo Surguy

I'm interested in climate change, AI, and software development

About Me

I co-founded 67 Bricks Ltd. with Sam Herbert, and grew it to be a respected and award-winning company with over 40 employees. We work with major information providers such as the Economist Intelligence Unit, Taylor and Francis, Springer Nature, and the British Medical Journal.

I enjoyed every aspect of building the company, including talking to our customers and understanding their problems; strategic technical decision making as CTO; hiring and managing a talented team; and hands-on software development. We’ve always been innovative and have been working with AI for the last decade, and I’m very excited about the new possibilities that generative AI provides. I’m also proud to have founded a company that has always cared about its impact on society and on the environment.

With 67 Bricks now independently thriving, I’m looking at new areas where I can apply my expertise. In particular, I believe that climate change is the most important problem that we face today, and software solutions can help address this critical global challenge.


Most of my public code is on my Github account. Some specific projects are:

For a number of years, I was a member of the British Standards Institute’s IST/41 committee, representing the UK on the ISO/IEC SC34 committee responsible for international standardization of document description and processing languages (such as OOXML, ODF, and Schematron). I was involved in the contentious discussions around whether OOXML should be standardized, and wrote several articles relating to it at the time:

Contact Me

You can email me at