About this page

This is a pure CSS pop-up menu; there is no JavaScript being used.

It doesn't work in any existing browsers. There is a working version, but I think this one should cope better when the browser text size is increased.

Update: Several people have now told me that this page works in Safari on Mac OS X. I don't have a Mac myself, but this is very good news - and hopefully Mozilla will soon catch up.

That it doesn't work may be because I've made a mistake with the CSS, but I believe it is because of browser deficiencies. Certainly, no other browser apart from Gecko-derivatives (such as Mozilla and Netscape 6+) even try to make CSS 2 work, and I think there is a problem with Mozilla's support for:

	div.topmenuitem + div.popup { visibility: hidden; }
	div.topmenuitem:hover + div.popup { visibility: visible; }
ie - the sibling combinator used in conjunction with the hover pseudo-class. This may be related to Mozilla bug 5693, but there seems to be some controversy about exactly how hover is specified to work.

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